Tiny Tumble: Ages 3-4 :Basic Tumbling and Gross Motor skills including Body positions,rolls, hopping on one foot, skipping, galloping, begin the concept of a cartwheel.

 Beginner: Requirements: age 5 and up. Basic tumbling skills, rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round offs, Bridges

 Intermediate: Requirements: Cartwheel, standing Bridge. Backbend kickover, back and front walkover, Back and Front limber, Front and Back Handspring

 Advanced: Requirements: Backbend kickover, Back handspring. Back handspring series, front and  back tucks.  

 Elite: Requirements: Series handsprings to a Tuck. This class will focus on elite tumbling skills, such as Layouts, front and back fulls and speciality passes.    

Boys Class: This class is for boys only and will focus on skills at their individual level.

Mommy and Me: This class is for children 18 mo to 3 years of age. It will focus on active play while teaching body positions, rolls, Gross motor skills such as jumping on 1 and 2 feet, skipping, and galloping. We will also work on basic class structure, taking turns, and following directions.

Recretional Cheer : This class is for your child interested in a low commitment, fun for everyone cheer squad! They will showcase their routines at local events!

 T&T: Tumbling and Trampoline classes. This class will teach passes on the Double Mini Tramp and Trampoline.

Powerhouse Monthly Class Fees

  • All students pay a yearly insurance fee of $25 and a gym fee of $40
  • 1 hour class $55
  • 2 hour of class $100
  • $10 discount for siblings
  • Private Tumbling Lessons (30 minute) $55                                                                                                                    
  • Private Tumbling Lessons (1 hour) $100
  • Open Gym $10
  • Birthday Parties $200 for an hour and a half
  • Power Tumbling and Trampoline Team $105                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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