We are so excited you chose Powerhouse for competitive Power Tumbling, Trampoline & Cheer.  Powerhouse teams require a huge commitment. Because we represent Powerhouse at all events, we want to put our best on the mat. Commitment is a crucial part of building and growing our program. 

Powerhouse Team Info

Team Start Up Fees

Power Tumbling and Trampoline Team


The Powerhouse staff will evaluate each athlete and place them on the team that we feel is best for them according to their particular tumbling skill level.
Requirements: Back handspring is required to Compete.
Team Commitment is from September 1st-July 1st


$105 Monthly

We understand the commitment you are making to our program, so we wanted you to know up front the financial costs of being on a Powerhouse Power Tumbling Team.
To make it easier on you I have rolled the majority of the fees together and divided them into monthly payments.

The monthly fee includes the following:

Monthly tuition and any scheduled extra practices.
The startup Fee- $100 and includes:

·        USTA Membership

·         Yearly Insurance fee

·         Competition T-shirt


Warm-up $130

Competition Leotard-$140

Competition Fees will run anywhere from $300-$375 per season. (estimated)

Insurance/Gym Fee $65




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