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220 S. Broadway

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About Us

Our staff consists of former tumblers, Certified Tumbling and cheer coaches, which is why we will be successful in training tumblers, cheerleaders and power tumblers! We will have classes for those who love to flip and competitive teams for the more serious Tumbler and Cheerleader. It is a great way for your child to not only achieve amazing tumbling skills, but also learn discipline, perseverance and hard work! WE ARE THE GYM FOR YOU!

What is Power Tumbling & Trampoline?!

Power tumbling involves many of the same skills as gymnastics, but uses a different set of equipment. In power tumbling, boys and girls alike all perform tumbling skills on the floor, a traditional trampoline and a double mini trampoline.

In power tumbling, the piece of equipment known as the floor is a long, narrow, slightly elevated tumbling surface. It is often referred to as the "rod floor," because it is made from a series of fiberglass rods. The rods flex and provide additional bounce that an ordinary floor does not. The rods are covered in padding, and the padding is covered in a flooring material suitable for tumbling. Power tumbling's rod floor is a 6' x 84' runway.

Power tumblers also perform skills on the trampoline. Regulation competitive trampolines 7x14 are similar to standard back yard trampolines, but are designed to provide a higher, more powerful bounce. 

While just about everyone knows what a trampoline is, most have never seen or heard of a double mini trampoline. From its name, you have probably already guessed that a double mini trampoline has two jumping surfaces and is much smaller than a standard trampoline. To perform a pass on a double mini trampoline, athletes typically take a running start, jump onto the first jumping surface, which is angled toward the floor, jump onto the next surface, which is parallel to the floor, and then perform a tumbling skill as they dismount.



My name is Dalaina Horn, I was born and raised in Hydro. I have a daughter named Amaris who has been in Tumbling since she was 3 years and loves flipping around everywhere she goes! I competed in Power Tumbling from the age 3-13. I trained with one of the best, Danny Arnwine at Oklahoma Power Tumbling & Trampoline and competed at the national and international level. I received 5th in the Nation at age 7. I have loved Tumbling since the first day I landed my back handspring at 3 years old. I am First Aid, CPR, and Safety Certified. I am also certified through USTA and AAU.

I love kids, the challenge, the FUN, the friendships, and the experience of seeing a child get a new skill for the first time. So much can be learned through this sport! It is great to see kids encourage each other, push themselves through a challenge and build character in doing so! I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to make a difference in our community. I love getting to know not only the students, but also the families of our students!

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